Solutions - Developing Academic Literacy

This informative two-day workshop provides research-based strategies and practical, hands-on tools with a focus on helping English learners develop academic literacy and language skills while also developing academic content knowledge.

Based on a 21st century approach to literacy, participants will explore the academic language and literacy practices –– such as listening for the speaker’s point of view or justifying the answer to a math problem –– that students need to be successful within rigorous content instruction. Educators will also learn how to scaffold participation in these discipline-specific practices, such as creating a model of the planetary system or contrasting two different cultural versions of a story.

Participants will have the opportunity to design activities to bridge from students’ own literacy practices to classroom literacy tasks, including close reading and argumentation. Sample unit plans from social studies, English language arts, and science at the middle and secondary grade levels are used as examples of student tasks related to developing language and literacy in content instruction.

Activities that teachers can implement in the classroom will be modeled and the strategies are applicable to bilingual learners as well as students at intermediate and advanced proficiencies in English, including long term English learners.

Each participant receives a copy of CAL’s professional development workbook: Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas and the companion DVD and unit plans.

CAL can work with you to customize a workshop or series of workshops to best meet your needs. 

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