CAL SIOP Overview Institute

Enhance your knowledge and use of the SIOP Model to support classroom instruction for Multilingual learners at your school or district.

This multi-day comprehensive and interactive workshop is designed to help participants plan and deliver CAL SIOP Model lessons for linguistically and culturally diverse students.

PreK-12 teachers will learn and practice implementing the eight research-based components of the SIOP Model to effectively teach language and content. The Institute will include a variety of activities, including demonstrations, simulations and explanations, small-group tasks, video classroom observations, and the creation of activities and lessons. The workshop will encourage reflection needed for each teacher to adapt the CAL SIOP methods to their content area, grade level, student proficiency levels, program models, and school initiatives.

The SIOP Overview Institute is designed for those with little to no working knowledge of the SIOP Model. Participants will review the components of the SIOP Model and acquire knowledge and skills to help PreK-12 or adult education, teachers better integrate content and language instruction for multilingual learners.

This is the right strand for those who:

  • Have limited, or little experience with the SIOP Model, and would like a comprehensive introduction to its eight components and 30 features
  • May have attended a SIOP workshop in the past, but would like to prepare to teach others about the SIOP Model

About CAL SIOP Institutes
Reflecting upon the eight major components of sheltered instruction, the SIOP Model provides a framework for teachers to plan integrated language and content lessons. Used as a lesson planning framework, it ensures that the features of effective instruction critical for language learners are present in all lessons.

This workshop series will include a variety of activities such as jigsaw/partner readings, mini-lessons on language acquisition, small group lesson planning, video demonstrations, and hands-on activities that can be adapted for the classroom. Educators will either individually or collaboratively plan lessons specific to their classrooms. Administrators, coaches, and teachers are encouraged to attend as a team.

Certificate of Completion
Participants will receive a Digital Badge for 28 hours of attendance and engagement. A badge will be issued through the Credly platform as a digital representation of an experience and learning at the end of an institute or workshop.

CAL-Credly badges can be shared and verified online in a way that is easy and secure and linked to metadata that provides context and verification. They can be shared across the Internet for maximum visibility and recognition.

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CAL SIOP Overview

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