PICO: Promoting Interaction In The Classroom And Online: CAL SIOP Essentials

Designed to help educators increase student interaction and language production during classroom learning or remote instruction.

The Promoting Interaction in the Classroom and Online: CAL SIOP Essentials online course is divided into the three separate modules outlined below designed to build knowledge while providing practical activities that educators can apply immediately to classroom learning or remote instruction.

Each module includes both content and language objectives. Modules begin with a warm-up activity, narrated Power Point presentations and readings and include demonstrated classroom activities, quizzes, classroom video exemplars, opportunities to apply new learning, and a wrap-up activity.

Module 1: Interaction in the classroom and online learning environments

  • This module provides an overview of the features of the SIOP’s Interaction component. Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:
    • analyze the elements of each of the four features of Interaction component
    • evaluate each of the individual features in a video lesson, a written lesson plan, and/or virtual lesson; and
    • determine the benefits and challenges of using digital tools for interaction.

Module 2: Building student-student interaction through academic language

  • This module provides research on interaction and practical techniques for grouping students and fostering academic language for language learners. Upon completion of this module, participates will be able to:
    • compare and contrast interactivity and interaction.
    • apply the features of interaction to their own lessons, through the use of language stems and engaging in student-to-student grouping strategies.

Module 3: Supporting interaction through first language support and wait time

  • This module connects interaction with wait time and native language support. Participants will learn to:
    • identify the importance and application of wait time in classrooms with second language learners; and
    • assess how valuing and supporting native language use assists language learners to better comprehend content area information and complete academic tasks

Upon registration and payment, you will receive log-on credentials for the course via the email you provided.

Each module can be done at your own pace and it should take approximately six hours to complete all three modules. You will have three months to complete the course. At the conclusion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Center for Applied Linguistics which can often be used to obtain continuing education credits.

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